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Healthy workplaces

Healthy Workplaces Derbyshire is a free health and wellbeing programme that’s tailored to your organisation's specific needs and requirements.

Our role is to support and guide you towards improving the health and wellbeing of your business and staff.

We offer the opportunity for you to get meaningful insights into your staff’s wellbeing and can develop bespoke packages to meet your organisation's needs.

Whether it’s helping you improve employee mental wellbeing or helping to get your workplace active we can offer as much, or as little, help as you need.

Our flexible, free programme is aimed at all businesses across Derbyshire whether they are small, medium or large.

You can find out more about the  Healthy Workplaces programme.

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If you’d like to find out more about Healthy Workplaces then get in touch by emailing or call us on 01629 537021 or 01629 537662.

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What we offer you and your employees

Mental health and wellbeing support

Developing a positive approach to mental health and wellbeing can result in more engaged employees, improved productivity and may also reduce the number of staff absences too.

We can support your organisation in running a range of activities which can reduce stigma around mental health.

We’ll also look at how we can help build people’s individual resilience and ability to cope with what life might throw at them.

Our team can help managers develop the skills needed to support staff who may have mental health issues.

We’ll also guide you to develop robust mental health policies and help people to find appropriate local support services.

Lifestyle services

Live Life Better Derbyshire is our in-house healthy lifestyles service which offers  weight management supportstop smoking services and information about  physical activity.

We can bring these services directly into your workplace and tailor our programme to meet you, and your employees, needs.

Derbyshire Health Champion Network

The Derbyshire Health Champion Network is a way for you to take ownership of employee wellbeing.

It will help you put in place long term solutions to address the health and wellbeing needs of your organisation.

Your employees will also have the chance to become Workplace Health Champions who can support and promote workplace health programmes.

Find out more about the  Health Champion network and Workplace Health Champions.

Wellbeing strategy and policy development

We can help you to develop a comprehensive wellbeing strategy and workplace policies that will create long term changes in your organisation.

Healthy Workplaces Derbyshire provides a range of consultative tools that will help you identify your organisations health requirements.

We’ll then work with you to develop a bespoke package of solutions to make sure that health and wellbeing is at the very heart of your organisation.

We can also support you with the development of policies and guidance on the management of health and wellbeing.

Health promotion

Our health professionals can come to your workplace and discuss a range of health and wellbeing topics including stop smoking support, healthy eating, physical activity and alcohol awareness.

We can also develop a tailored package of support based on your employee's needs.

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