These are some of the issues currently facing our residents and the challenges for health and social care professionals:

  • 66% adults are considered to be either overweight or obese in Derbyshire
  • 15.1% of Derbyshire residents smoke
  • 68% of people in Derbyshire carry out their recommended levels of exercise each week
  • 57.8% of people eat the recommended 5 a day
  • 63,000 residents have type 2 diabetes and a further 70,000 are thought to be at risk of developing it

Services on offer to help

Live Life Better Derbyshire

Live Life Better Derbyshire is Derbyshire County Council’s healthy lifestyles service that aims to help people make structured, long term changes to improve their health.

This includes free support to stop smoking, lose weight and get more active.

It is available for anyone who lives in Derbyshire or is registered with a Derbyshire GP.

Clients need to be aged 12 and over to access the stop smoking service and 16 years old or over with a BMI of 25 plus to take part in the weight management programme.

Your patients can refer themselves directly onto the Live Life Better programme by filling in the online self-assessment.

Exercise by Referral

There is also an Exercise by Referral scheme available to people who meet the eligibility criteria.

This is a comprehensive, 12 week programme of exercise supported by qualified exercise referral staff and is carried out at local leisure centres.

The service aims to increase exercise and activity for people wanting to improve their health. It is particularly aimed at people who currently do little or no physical activity but are motivated to do more.

In order to take part in the scheme people must be referred by a GP or other qualified health professional and must meet the criteria below.

Your patients are eligible for the Exercise by Referral scheme if they are:

  • aged 19 or over
  • a Derbyshire resident or registered with a Derbyshire GP
  • inactive, for example doing less than 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week
  • have not been previously referred into the programme

Anyone who is referred but does not meet the criteria will not be accepted onto the scheme.

However, they could be offered alternative support through our Live Life Better Derbyshire programme and leisure providers but these may not be free of charge.

You can refer a patient or client into the Live Life Better Derbyshire service and the Exercise by Referral scheme by completing an online referral form.

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